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Coats, V. The rhizosphere microbiota of plant invaders: an overview of recent advances in the microbiomics of invasive plants. Compant, S. Plant growth-promoting bacteria in the rhizo- and endosphere of plants: their role, colonization, mechanisms involved and prospects for utilization. Soil Biol. Contreras-Cornejo, H. Trichoderma virens , a plant beneficial fungus, enhances biomass production and promotes lateral root growth through an auxin-dependent mechanism in Arabidopsis. Plant Phys. Cox, C. Successful biological control of ragwort, Senecio jacobaea , by introduced insects in Oregon.

Creed, R. Is there a new keystone species in North American lakes and rivers? Oikos 91, — Weevils and watermilfoil - did a North-American herbivore cause the decline of an exotic plant. Darwin, C. The Origin of Species, 6th Edn. Chicago, IL: Thompson and Thomas. Delaye, L. Endophytes versus biotrophic and necrotrophic pathogens-are fungal lifestyles evolutionarily stable traits?

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Fungal Divers. Dennis, P. Are root exudates more important than other sources of rhizodeposits in structuring rhizosphere bacterial communities? FEMS Microbiol. The promise of poop. DeWalt, S. Natural-enemy release facilitates habitat expansion of the invasive tropical shrub Clidemia hirta. Ecology 85, — Diehl, W. Balansia and the Balansiae in America. Agriculture Monograph No. Dumbrell, A. Idiosyncrasy and overdominance in the structure of natural communities of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: is there a role for stochastic processes?

Elton, C. The Ecology of Invasions by Animals and Plants. London: Methuen. Engel, P. The gut microbiota of insects - diversity in structure and function.

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Ernst, M. Endophytic fungal mutualists: seed-borne Stagonospora spp. Plant Microbe Interact. Fischer, M. Fungal endophytes of invasive Phragmites australis populations vary in species composition and fungicide susceptibility. Symbiosis 61, 55— Flory, S. Pathogen accumulation and long-term dynamics of plant invasions.

Ecological consequences of pathogen accumulation on an invasive grass.

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Ecosphere 2, Gilbert, S. A symbiotic view of life: we have never been individuals. Gond, S. Endophytic Bacillus spp. Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Action Plan. Action Plan II. Available online at: greatlakesrestoration.

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Gutknecht, J. Linking soil process and microbial ecology in freshwater wetland ecosystems. Plant Soil , 17— Hadar, Y. Suppressive composts: microbial ecology links between abiotic environments and healthy plants. Hamilton, C. Endophytic mediation of reactive oxygen species and antioxidant activity in plants: a review. Harman, G. Trichoderma species—opportunistic, avirulent plant symbionts.

Hassell, M. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Hazelton, E. Phragmites australis management in the United States: 40 years of methods and outcomes. AoB Plants. Hellings, S. The effects of salinity and flooding on Phragmites australis. Hirsch, A. Plant-microbe symbioses: a continuum from commensalism to parasitism. Symbiosis 37, — Hirsch, P.

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Holdredge, C. Nutrient enrichment enhances hidden differences in phenotype to drive a cryptic plant invasion. Oikos , — Holm, L. The World's Worst Weeds. Distribution and Biology. Hudson, P. Prevention of population cycles by parasite removal. Huss-Danell, K. Tansley review no 93 - Actinorhizal symbioses and their N-2 fixation. New Phytol. John, R. Bio-encapsulation of microbial cells for targeted agricultural delivery. Kania, J.

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Collective impact. Stanford Soc.

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Kaymak, H. Maheshwari Berlin; Heidelberg: Springer , 45— Kettenring, K. Moving from a regional to a continental perspective of Phragmites australis invasion in North America. AoB Plants pls Knevel, I.