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Medesima per b moll SB Altra aria detta Veneziana SB Passaggio S Trescone per A S Calata per C S Trescone per B S Cocchina nuova S Trescone per C S Trescone per I S Ritornello: adagio S Suo minuet S Follia Spagnola S Keyboard pieces added to the ms in 2 later hands: Versetto Del 4 tono V ersett o V ersett o Allegro Minuetto Alla Alemanda Eerste Deel", Amsterdam, P.

Matthysz, nos. Matthysz: Courante Monsieur, van P. Gebrooken 2. La Boivinette 3. Matthysz: Kits Allemande, door P. Petite Brande I - V by J.

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Als Garint Naer dien u Godlyckheit Object Brandle Brandle Gay Montirande Gavotte Lossy: Passasi, van M. Willem Allemande Courante Bourbon Tweede Nachteghaeltje Stemma nova Florida Courante Madamme Ballet I - V Garint Courant Postilion Doodendans Air III O Kers-Nacht Matthsyz: Allemande door P. Matthysz: Simphonie gemaekt van P. Aeir Ballet I - IV no. Carileen Comagain J.

Girolamo Frescobaldi: Organ Works (Andrea Marcon)

Dowland Paduaen Frere Frapar Ballet Als Boxvoetje En de nieuwste Voizen, om met 2. Fioolen, of ander Speel-tuigh te gebruiken. Van de alder-konstighste Speel-meesters, en Liefhebbers, van de geluyt-kavelingh, dezer tydt , by een gestelt", Amsterdam, Paulus Matthysz, first volume and second volume Edtion: Complete edition in 10 volumes by Rudolf Rasch, including the solo pieces and trios from "Der Gooden Fluyt Hemel Pieces for 1 instr. I , 2 instr. II , 3 instr. III , 1 instr. IV-VI , violin and viola da gamba vol. VII , violin and bc vol. VIII , and 2 instr.

Lossy: Passassi 5. Matthysz: Courante Monsieur 7. Matthysz: Kits Allemande Matthysz: Stemma nova Dix: Courante la Royalle Being the first musick of this kind ever published", London, J. Reading: Readings ground 2. Duke of Norfolk or Pauls Steeple 3. Polewheele: Mr. Powlwheels division on a ground 4.

18. Last Works: The Fiori Musicali of 1635 and the Aggiunta to Toccate I of 1637

Old Simon the King 5. Farinells Division on a ground 6. Simpson : Division to a ground 7. Tollett: The Medley or division called Tollet's ground or by G. Banister: Another division on Mr. Paulwheels ground 9. Simpson: A division on a ground Roger of Coverly Baltzar: A Prelude Frecknold: A division to a ground Mell: A Prelude Brade's J.

Mell: Another prelude Pauls Steeple or ye Duke of Norfolk: a second division on ye same ground Banister: A division to a ground Banister: Another division on a ground Tollett: Division upon a ground Philip Becket : Another division upon a ground Johney cock thy beaver. A Schotch tune to a ground Smith: A Division for two trebles on a ground Several of the Tunes being in the Compass of the Flute. Purcell 9 , J. Eccles 9 , W. Croft, Th. Tollet 8 , Th. Morgan 6 e.

Further are mentioned: J.

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Paisible 3 , J. Clarke 9 , G. Finger, R. Motley, R. King, R.

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Rigadoon, in C 2. Round O minuet, in C 3. Court rigadoon, in C 4. Round O. Paisible: A march, in G 6. French minuet, in G 7. Prnicess march, in G 8.

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Ayre, in G 9. Minuet, in G Ayres danc'd by mr. Round O, in A Minuet, in A A Scotch tune, in G A Scotch tune in: Measure for measure, in G Clarke: Mr. Shore's seranade, in D Country dance, in D A Rigadoon, in D Slow, in G Hornpipe, in d Slow minuet Scotch tune, in G Round O, in G Minuet, in F Hornpipe, in c Slow jigg, in c Ayre, in c Eccles: A Tune, in c March, in C Clarke: A Scotch tune, in C Tollet: Jigg, in C Clarke: Minuet, in C Eccles: A Scotch tune, in Bb Finger: A Tune, in Bb Eccles: A jigg, in Bb Ayre, in Bb A Hornpipe, in Bb Slow ayre, in g Clarke: Sebell, in g Eccles: Minuet, in g Ayre, in F Tollett: Hornpipe, in a Cheshire Hornpipe, in C Purcell: March, in C Ayre, in C Purcell: Trumpet tune, in C Morgan: Jigg, in C Ayre, in A Eccles: Scotch tune, in A Song tune in the Pillgrim.

Purcell: Jigg, in A Ayre, in D Wroth: Tune, in D Scotch tune, in D Minuett, in D Slow Scotch tune, in F Eccles: Hornpipe, in F Eccles: Round O, in F Keene: Slow ayre, in Bb Keene: Hornpipe, in Bb Scotch tune, in Bb Jigg, in Bb Teenoe: Scotch tune, in Bb Tollett: Ayre, in Bb Tollett: Jigg, in Bb Eccles: Slow hornpipe, in g Morgan: Scotch tune, in g Round O, in g Purcell: Ayre, in g Clarke: Ayre, in g Trumpit jigg, in D The wooden shew dance, in D Tollett: Hornpipe, in D Montford: Slow ayre-Ayre-Tune- no title all in d Motley: Montford's Farewell, in d Purcell: Round O, in d Scotch tune, in d Tollett: Scotch tune, in C Paisible: Round O, in C Tollett: Hornpipe, in C Courteville: A warlike tune, in C The Ladder dance tune, in C Paisible: Jigg, in Bb Purcell: Montford's farewell, in a Trumpet ayre, in a Tollett: Slow ayre, in g Purcell: Tune, in g Lenton: Scotch tune, in Eb King: Ayre, in G Lenton: Scotch ayre, in G Teenoe: New Zear, in Eb Purcell: Jigg, in G Scotch hornpipe, in G Ayre, in G Clarke: Minuet, in g Eccles: Minuet, in a America, in g Gloster, in g A Paspee, in G Richmond, in a Albans, in F The Zear, in e Corelli and others.

Toccate e partite d'intavolatura, Libro 2 (Frescobaldi, Girolamo)

The fourth edition corected and enlarged with additions of the newest chancons, allmands, preludes and choice cibells compos'd by the best masters. The whole fairly engraven", London, J. Walsh, Baltzar: Almand 2.

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Farmer: A Solo 3. Eccles: Scotch tune 4. Eccles: Horn-pipe 5.

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Bullamore: Prelude - Minuet 6. Eccles: A New division to a ground 7. Eccles: A new ground called Fagots 8. Eccles: A Division on a ground ground as for no.