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Incorporate fats sparingly. While some of those ingredients may not come cheap, you can stretch them by using small bits at a time. Warm up to your freezer. Moncel likes to freeze the obvious items like meats, but also leftover ingredients like tomato paste, cheese, fresh ginger, lemons and limes, and bread, all of which can be thawed for use in future meals.

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She gravitates to frozen broccoli and cauliflower, cruciferous veggies that are a pain to chop and can be pricier when fresh. She also tosses in single-serving portions of freezer-friendly foods like chili, soups, stews and rice dishes, which can be eaten alone or used to supplement fresh ingredients later. Broaden your grocery-shopping horizons. Portion out your food into single servings right after you cook it. This prevents Moncel from overserving herself later on, she said. Economic Calendar Tax Withholding Calculator.

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Sign Up Log In. Home Personal Finance. This woman slashed her grocery bill using tricks she picked up working at Whole Foods. By Meera Jagannathan. Comment icon. Text Resize Print icon. Courtesy of Beth Moncel. She paid close attention to how Whole Foods priced its hot foods and salad bar. MarketWatch Partner Center.

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Advanced Search Submit entry for keyword results. Instead of bringing back a suitcase full of touristy paraphernalia, why not focus on collecting memories and experiences instead of material things. It makes your travel so much happier, your bags so much lighter, and your wallet so much fatter. Most hostels need cleaners and reception workers and many offer work exchange programmes where you work a few hours per day in exchange for free accommodation. Another simple thing to remember, but often prices will go up as time gets closer to your trip. Prices can vary depending on where you are booking from.

Definitely worth trying and shopping around the get the best deals! Over time they really add up and can get you discounted flights and upgrades! Your wallet will thank you! Check out our tips how to pack for a hostel to avoid bring more stuff than you actually need.

Also make sure you avoid any airline charges by checking out the terms and conditions beforehand. They are all here for you to make it super easy! Not only does it allow you to get around on the cheap but it also keeps you fit!

Sure a flight from London to New York might seem expensive, but if the outbound and return flights leave from different airports in the two cities, you could end up saving a bunch. Plus, sometimes other countries and airlines will offer discounts just for stopping for a layover in their country. Another tip is to choose the neighbouring airports. Many times there is also an option to get there by bus and it is much cheaper.

You just have to invest a few hours to find the best combinations. The same if we want to travel to the Caribbean from the United States or move around some parts of Europe. This might be one of the most important qualities for a budget savvy backpacker to have. Being able to drop plans and switch things up at the last minute will help you take advantage of deals and opportunities that arise on your travels. A no brainer really.

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One of the biggest mistakes a money-conscious traveller can make is to rush into plans. It might be tempting, and sometimes taking your time can be a hassle, but take a moment to read some inspiring and helpful blog posts, shop around, talk with other travellers, read reviews etc.

Perhaps the best source of money saving knowledge is experience, and who better to ask than real travellers themselves. Some of them can be hired from the reception itself. Want the best views in Sydney? The Coogee to Bondi coastal walk is free and will take a couple of hours. Why not pack a picnic lunch? Surfers Paradise too crowded?

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Escape the crowds and enjoy a more relaxed vibe on the Southern Gold Coast without the bling and expense of Surfers. Give Kirra, Burleigh or Coolangatta a try. Also, over 2 weeks in January, Sydney Festival holds over performances and events performed by over artists in 46 venues. Eat seasonal products and local products. Get closer to the local market and observe the prices and the offer. What you can find more easily, will be the cheapest.

Plan ahead, spend less

They offer cheaper and more unique souvenirs than what you will find in the shops. Stuff your pockets for the road! Bring food from home, shop at grocery stores instead of restaurants etc. Sometimes these are similar to other means of transport, so it is profitable; especially if you have little time. In the event that flying is more expensive, one of the cheapest ways to travel a country is to do it by public transport.

Sometimes the distances can be very long, so it is best to opt for the night. In the Asian Sudestes there are numerous bus beds, while in India or Europe you can find them on trains.

In this way, not only time is saved, but also the night of accommodation. Another option is to make auto stop. Before launching, look to see how safe is the destination you are traveling to. In New Zealand, for example, this practice is widespread and it is very easy to find a car. Walking tours of one of the best ways to explore a new city.

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Some cities like London and Berlin are full of free museums , including numerous collections of art and history that are free to the viewing public. Other cities charge a small fee for entrance into their museums, but even those places frequently offer discounts and even free days. Google it! By eating in, you can save an absolute fortune on meals. Same applies here! If you have access to a usable hostel kitchen, cooking and sharing a meal with other travellers will be soooo much cheaper than a night on the town.