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Walk In Her Shoes (30 secs)

Reid from MVCP said she sees the kickoff as an important event not only to get students aware of the walk event but also to start the fundraising season. This money goes to MCVP, which makes it one of biggest fundraisers for the organization, according to Reid. Forrest Seymour, the coordinator of sexual violence education and prevention at the KSC Counseling Center, added that MCVP is a local crisis agency that also helps students when they are in a crisis involving sexual violence.

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Seymour said students and community members can raise money through an online donation page that they create where students, friends, family or strangers can donate or pledge money for them to walk. Vaughan said after the kickoff event is when she and her sorority will start their fundraiser.

Reid said that, although each person participating in the walk is encouraged to raise money, there is no requirement to do so. Seymour added that there are usually about people, both students and members of the community, who walk and anyone is welcome to register in the event.

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Sure, the pay would be better, but I don't want all that stress! I was prepared to step into the boss's shoes, so there was no disruption when he left for another job. There was no one who could step into Alice's shoes when she left, so everything came to a stop.

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  6. Take someone's place, as in He's groomed Harriet to step into his shoes when he resigns. Also see fill someone's shoes ; in someone's shoes. When you support CARE, you can be confident you are supporting one of the most effective organisations of its kind. Sign up Log in Donate.


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