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Once the victim has been converted and transformed, the creature will look like a typical woman with long HAIR, but on nights of the full moon it will transform into its true form. Should it not be able to find a suitable meal, it will temporarily sate its appetite by dining on human entrails. When the sun rises, the upper half will revert to its human form and die. It can look either male or female but typically appears as an old woman with bloodshot eyes, long black HAIR, and a long black tongue.

Naturally the vampire will resist, so the potion will have to be forcibly poured down its throat.

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When the purging has stopped, the victim is cured. Sadly, the willing sorcerer cannot be saved. This species of ASWANG is particularly cruel, not because it preys on women, children, and those who are ill, but because of its hunting methods. If so, it will emit a strong odor that will paralyze the person, in case he wakes up. In either case, once it has its prey, it will create a replica of its victim out of banana leaves, grass, and sticks. Then, using its magic, the vampire animates the facsimile.

Over the course of the next few days, the replacement will become sick and die. The only way to tell if the sick person is in fact a person is to look closely into their eyes. Taking its time, the vampire slowly and torturously consumes its food. It is particularly fond of the liver. The aswang shape-shifter is so named because of its amazing transformation abilities.

When the vampire is near, the oil will begin to boil. This aswang only hunts at night when it shape-shifts from its human guise into that of a bird. It flies to the house of its intended victim, usually a child, and perches on the roof directly over the spot where its prey lies sleeping. Then it sends its long, thin, tubelike tongue into the house. Using a barb on the end of its tongue, it pierces a small hole in the flesh and sips up its meal.

When the vampire has finished eating, the breasts of its bird form will be large and swollen with blood. It then flies back to its home where it will breastfeed its own children. In some tellings of the myth, rather than shape-shifting into a bird, the aswang tik-tik maintains its human appearance while hunting and feeding. Rather than looking like a bird with plump breasts, it looks like a pregnant woman. If this species of aswang licks the shadow of a person, he will die. Another way an aswang tiyanak can be created happens when a mother aborts a fetus.

In this instance, it springs into life and brings nothing but hardship and misery to the woman who should have been its mother. The aswang tiyanak is described as having red skin, no HAIR, and glowing red eyes. It hunts women by shape-shifting into an adorable baby and placing itself somewhere it will be found. When it is discovered, the aswang tiyanak waits until it has been taken home. In her youthful guise she then finds suitable prey and lures him to a secluded place. Although her means of utilizing the seduction- lure works well, the witch prefers her food to come from children.

Apart from her magical ointment, the aswang witch is a mortal woman and can be slain in any method that would kill a human. Each of these men was a great warrior, a general, and a constant companion to the other. They swore an oath to one another that whoever died first, the other would follow him to the grave.

As it happened, Aswid grew ill and eventually died. When they were all dead and drained of their blood, Aswid sought out the only other living being in the crypt—his brother-in-arms, Asmund. Three hundred years later, a group of friends had set out to find the now legendary tomb and resting place of the warriors, even though there had been stories that the barrow was haunted.

Undaunted, the friends ventured on, eventually finding the site. From within, they heard the sounds of battle. A few moments later the friends felt a mighty tug on the rope and together they quickly began to pull it back up. Hanging onto the other end, they found a man wearing old- style armor. The man they had rescued was none other than Asmund. It was only when the young thrill- seeker was lowered into the tomb and caused a distraction that he, Asmund, was finally able to defeat his poor friend.


The group of friends found the body of Aswid and beheaded it, then burned the remains and scattered the ashes in the wind. Then they reburied Asmund in the tomb with full honors. The axeman drinks until she is gorged with blood and then flies back to her home. The only sign of attack that the victim will experience is feeling drained and very weak the following day. If a woman becomes infected with azeman blood, she will discover that she is now an azeman herself. To prevent attack from an azeman, sprinkling seeds on the ground will cause it to stop whatever it is doing to count them, as it is inexplicably compelled to do so.

Particularly evil, she will consume their physical bodies but locks their souls up in elderberry trees where they will rot away. The pot is created by the witch through the use of magic. Witches will gather together and sit around the baisea, preparing a magical brew that is made with the vitality captured from their victims. Only once this is done will the victim be able to recover. It has a short, stubby tail and stands anywhere between four and seven feet tall.

In ancient artwork the baital has been depicted as holding drinking cups to its mouth that are filled with human blood and made of human skulls. These beings are so horrific that to even look fully upon one will cause someone to lock up in fear, growing weak and dizzy; some people even faint. When not consuming the human flesh that is offered up to it in sacrifice, the baital can be found at rest, hanging upside down from trees in the jungle, usually near cemeteries. The vampire from the Indian story Vikram and the Vampire is a baital.

The framework of the story is that King Vikram sets out to bring a baital to a sorcerer, but each time he attempts to do so, the baital tells him a story about someone being unfair. If he does not know the answer, he may sit there quietly. If the king answers the question, the baital flies away. The king kills the sorcerer and is granted a boon by Lord Indra.

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The king asks that the sorcerer be restored to life and that the baital will help him whenever he is needed. It is made of bamboo that is sealed with leaves and locked with a magical charm. The person who possesses the bajang must personally feed it a diet of milk and eggs or else it will turn on its owner and then start eating its favorite food—children. The bajang can shape-shift into three different forms: a cat, a weasel, or a large lizard. In its cat form, if its mews at a baby, the child will die. The witch will oftentimes send its familiar out to do its bidding.

When it is sent out to harm a person, the bajang will inflict upon its intended victim a mysterious disease for which there is no cure. The person will grow weak, suffering from convulsions and fainting spells until he eventually dies. Probably the best way to deal with it would be to deal with the witch who commands it. The baka has the ability to shape-shift into any animal it desires and by doing so will have a physical body.

The baka is especially dangerous because no matter what animal form it takes, it will retain its natural strength, which is powerful enough to kill a healthy adult man. To ensure that it has its revenge against those responsible for its death, the baka may decide to spread a fatal disease throughout a community. The balbal glides through the air and alights upon a home with a thatched roof.

Then, using its long, curved nails, it rips open the roof and snatches up its sleeping prey with its very long, thick tongue. Bali Djaka 30 After it kills and feeds, the balbal returns with a facsimile of its prey made of banana leaves and places it in the home. Those who hear it fear that someone will die the following night. When not at the river, it hunts in the hills near lakes and running water for young men, wearing a gray cloak over a GREEN gown; its long white HAIR is worn loose and let to blow in the wind.

Rather, he should wait quietly until it slings its breast over its shoulder and carefully sneak up behind it. Then, he should place one of its nipples in his mouth and pretend that he is nursing from it. He can declare to the banshee that it is his foster mother, and should it accept him as a foster child, it will answer any question that he has. A far less intimate way of gaining information from a banshee is to capture it and threaten it at sword point. He must name an enemy of his aloud and then not try to stop it from finishing its task or else the person he named will most certainly die.

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If he does not name an enemy for it, the banshee will attack and kill him, draining him of his blood. Many victims of the bantu survive the experience, waking up with a fresh wound on their body and no memory of the attack. The Zambian people are largely hemophobic, as even a single drop of blood on the ground will alert the vampire, who will now come when night falls.

Mythical Vampire Facts

The only way to stave off the arrival of the vampire is to dig up the area where the blood fell and bury it in a secret location. The bantu saburo then drinks up the blood from the corpses. According to the original and ancient myth, the baobham sith mingled with humans regularly, even becoming attached to a particular family. It was considered a sign of high status to have one in the family.