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I wasted a lot of time trying to proof my first book myself only to have readers email me about the typos. In the end, I hired a proofreader, asked them to fix my book and re-uploaded the proofed version to Amazon. Instead, I recommend hiring a proofreader or giving chapters of your book to beta readers, family and friends to check. Writing and publishing a book are two different skills, and it takes different mindsets to succeed at both.


While writing allows you to flex your creative muscles, publishing your book is a science that requires a much more logical approach. You can try a myriad of software packages and book writing apps. I recommend Scrivener as one of the best book writing apps, while my top self-publishing app is Vellum. Adding a book review will also come in handy to attract those readers who do a drive-through by skimming through your summary and your book cover.

If you need help with this, consider joining the Author Marketing Club. You could also try writing guest blog posts that stoke the curiosity of readers of other sites. So always budget for and hire a professional book cover designer. At first, your initial audience might include friends, family and members of a writing group. Later, invite readers of your other books or your blog. Firstly, cultivate an email list of loyal readers who will read early or advanced copies of your book, offer to write reviews and so on.

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Secondly, invest time and money in learning and testing Amazon ads. They are relatively easy to use and will help you sell more copies. You will always see a gap between what you want to create and what you end up writing, but you can narrow the distance with each new book. It is really informative and attractive post. I will recommend it to others. I am a widow, a pensioner and live alone. I have won various small prizes for poetry and short stories and I am content to leave it at that level.

I follow your newsletters because they are so honest and extremely helpful no matter where anyone is with their writing and of course, because I have learned lots of useful tips from you. It is clear you care about people which is a rare quality in the competitive world we live in these days.

I found lots of helpful advice here and especially enjoyed your video. Hope I have not bored you but I really did want to say a big thank you. It is easy to just devour advice from those who make the time and effort to give it and you are one of the top writers for me that do so. Hi Leila, I appreciate the kind words. Congrats on winning the prizes too. Chat soon. As someone who has thought several times about writing a book, I found this post fascinating. Awesome to get a peek into your process and thinking about how I might adapt your methods to my own writing and working styles.

Hi Brent, Nice to hear from you again. I like hearing how others writers get things done.

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Appreciate the share too. Fantastic post! Thank you for sharing the wisdom of your experience, and doing it in such a useful way. I stumbled onto this post, and you have converted me into a regular reader. This was a great post, Bryan!

Thanks for sharing—especially about budgeting for publication. I found that helpful. Hi Bryan, Thanks for this very unselfish, captivating, and educational post. I am in a lousy job right now, and think the time is ripe for a change. The way you set out the process of writing a non- fiction book is both honest and expert.

May your career expand and help millions. I recommend this post very highy.

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  4. HI Catrona, Nice to hear from you. Happy writing. Thank you for this excellent article. It has convinced me that if I cannot get an agent or publisher which at the moment I cannot then this is not for me.

    8 Ways to Prepare to Write Your Nonfiction Book in a Month

    Great post, thanks for sharing. As for cover design… Well I found it fairly easy: I made myself a Pinterest board of book covers I liked, and when I was ready, I arranged some objects, took some phitos, added the text, and ta-da! I think it would have been worth you saying something about the importance of finding a niche — especially if you are self-publishing.

    For example, a recipe book for people with a dozen allergies; a book about parenting a child with a particular disability. Sometimes niches fall into your lap and you unintentionally become an expert, such as those two examples but they can also be researched. So finding a niche pays dividends, if you can find one. Do you know of a way to filter on Amazon for sales ranking?

    That Amazon tip is truly invaluable to me! As someone starting out, the level of depth helps highlight things beyond just platitude level ideas and statements. The added links and resources, the thoughts to make visible several unknown unknowns that I had, and the clarity of it all will really help me on my journey.

    Thank you for the nice article Bryan. I am from India. The book came out very well, after 3 months of collaborative effort. Luckily editing was covered within the writing cost.

    8 Ways to Prepare to Write Your Nonfiction Book in a Month | Writer's Digest

    Going good so far; my book is yet to be published. Wanted to thank you because I would have not known of any of these unless I stumbled upon your article. Thanks Bryan for this useful piece. I have loads of ideas and stories that are only in their first few lines but abandoned. I have been trying to finish and publish for about 36 years now. Though my attempts have been hampered by too much of changing stations due to the nature of my rail service work in Nigeria and my getting in and out of school.

    However, my greatest enemy is my trying to be a perfectionist.